1. Why does Stuart Weitzman care about counterfeiting?

    Stuart Weitzman strictly controls the design, manufacture, distribution and advertising of Stuart Weitzman products to ensure their highest level of quality. Counterfeit Stuart Weitzman merchandise does not come with the same warranties or guarantees as authentic Stuart Weitzman products. Counterfeiting is an illegal act, and counterfeiters harm the economy through lost revenues, jobs and taxes. Counterfeit products do not undergo inspection processes and often do not adhere to safety, health and wage regulations, including child labor and human rights laws. The federal government has also reported links between the sale of counterfeit merchandise and terrorism. Purchasers of counterfeits not only receive poorly-made products, but are also supporting this cycle of illegal activity.

  2. Where can I find authentic Stuart Weitzman products?

    Authentic Stuart Weitzman footwear and handbags are available in our Stuart Weitzman free-standing boutiques, Stuart Weitzman outlet stores and online at

  3. I found a website that looks like a legitimate Stuart Weitzman website and offers Stuart Weitzman products for sale. Can I trust that the site is a real Stuart Weitzman online store?

    It is not likely that the website is legitimate. The number of "rogue websites" selling counterfeit products has increased in recent years. These websites may mirror the look and feel of the official Stuart Weitzman website and may even copy actual photographs and text from our site. Although the following may be true about a website, this does not guarantee that the website is affiliated with or authorised by Stuart Weitzman:

         •  The website’s domain name contains the words STUART WEITZMAN

         •  The website links to

         •  The website has the look and feel of the STUART WEITZMAN website and/or brand

         •  The website claims to be an "official" STUART WEITZMAN online retail store or outlet

         •  The website uses STUART WEITZMAN photographs

    To shop online through the official Stuart Weitzman website and guarantee the authenticity of your purchases, please click here.

  4. How can I tell if a Stuart Weitzman product offered for sale on an auction website is authentic?

    Many auction websites do not purport to guarantee the authenticity of the products sold through their sites. Counterfeit goods may therefore be available for purchase, despite language that claims the item is authentic. Stuart Weitzman monitors auction sites to remove counterfeit products and infringing listings, however we cannot assure that all listings for Stuart Weitzman products at any given time are for genuine goods. To guarantee the authenticity of your Stuart Weitzman products, only purchase from Stuart Weitzman boutiques, outlet stores, or select high-end department and specialty stores.

  5. What should I do if I accidentally purchased counterfeit Stuart Weitzman products and want to report the website or the auction listing?

    You can report infringing and counterfeit websites and listings to Stuart Weitzman at We are working diligently to combat the unauthorised production and sale of counterfeit Stuart Weitzman merchandise, and we appreciate any information you could share to assist us in our efforts.

    You may also contact The National IPR Center in Arlington, Virginia, which manages Intellectual Property investigations in the U.S., at